SOL'S & RGPD (Be fair together)

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This is SOL'S

About us

With more than 13 500 references, the SOL'S brand stands out as the best European multi-specialist in promotional textile and bags. With complete textile ranges, SOL'S products are made for men, women and kids in an array of styles and colours. SOL'S also includes SOL'S Bags, a complete range of bags; SOL'S Teamsport, a range of team sport products and SOL'S Prowear, a range of professional textile products.

Founded in 1991, SOL’S has since become the French market leader in promotional clothing and a major actor in Europe, thanks to its catalogue of over 450 customisable products for men, women and kids.
SOL’S has understood before others that creating products for the advertising market should be based on making comfortable clothes you enjoy wearing yourself, products that suit a wide range of tastes and spontaneous purchasing trends.

From the outset, SOL’S President Alain Milgrom chose to work with skilled and enthusiastic professionals: men and women sharing universal values combined with an approach based on commitment and strong determination. SOL’S developed a new way of manufacturing and distributing products that then progressively spread throughout the sector.


In 1991 in Paris, Alain MILGROM founded a company specialized in textile packaging and rapidly went on to become a major player in this sector.
As a fashion and communication enthusiast, he aimed to change and even reinvent another sphere: that of promotional clothing. To do so, he decided to create a new way of communication using a different type of language and a new approach. SOL’S had been launched

SOL’S, more than just a brand: a concept culture

Right from the beginning, Alain MILGROM chose to work with skilled and enthusiastic professionals like himself: men and women with the same human values and ethics as his own; universal values combined with the wish to cultivate an approach based on commitment and strong determination in many main lines of action from the very outset.

  • The signature of the Geneva Convention banning child labour.

  • The drawing up and controlled implementation of an exemplary code of conduct on working conditions and social laws in Bangladesh and China.

  • The use of non-toxic dyes.

  • The financing of a hospital and an orphanage, etc…

SOL’S instigated a new way of manufacturing and distributing products that then progressively spread throughout the sector.

A. In order to shake up all advertising textile purchasing codes, SOL’S was the first brand to truly innovate with the creation of the first T-shirt exclusively cut for women, and therefore the first women’s collection to boast trendy cuts and fashionable colours.

B. To differentiate itself from the American standard and match European trends and references, SOL’S developed super soft ringspun cottons that proved an immediate success. This type of cotton has now been adopted by most brands.

C. In order to meet simple purchasing logic, SOL’S opted for packs of 10 (in America, products come in packs of 12) and boxes of 100 according to colour and size, and not packs of 72 in assorted sizes, as was common practice.

D. For greater comfort, SOL’S did not hesitate to create the first elastane® T-shirt collar, as well as the first great collection of «top Paris fashion» items.

E. This unusual approach was supported by a product presentation via an innovative catalogue with a « magazine » touch.

SOL’S main strength is to be the first to understand that creating products for the advertising market should be based on making the sort of comfortable clothes you enjoy wearing yourself, products to suit a wide range of tastes and spontaneous purchasing trends.

SOL’S is proud of all its innovations, which were very rapidly adopted by all brands, thus adding a wide range of choice to the sector.

SOL'S in figures

  • Over 70 million products sold every year

  • High growth company

  • Since 1998, over 217 million REGENT-style T-shirts have been sold.

  • Over 104 million IMPERIAL-style T-shirts, considered THE reference on the European market, have been sold since it was created in 2003.

  • 13 533 catalogue references on over 454 products

  • A permanent stock of 40 million items

  • Over 1 300 containers unloaded in our warehouse every year

  • SOL’S products available from stock in 60 countries thanks to a network of distributors

  • A logistics platform covering over 25,000 m² in Le Havre in France

  • Over 4 000 parcels prepared and sent out every day

  • 180 employees working in France, in Italy, in Spain and in Asia


To gain a better understanding of SOL’S as a company, you have to enter its DNA via its slogan: The Fair Spirit®

    • Commitments and certifications: Fair Wear Foundation, Oeko-Tex®, Reach…

    • A professional and receptive company towards its clients: ISO 9001 : 2008

    • A brand that is trustworthy, close to its customers, fair, honest, loyal and upright

    • A state of mind based on action, commitment, humanitarianism, innovation and reactivity

    • Values and a strong identity thanks to its fundamentals

    • Unique work ethics and values in terms of respect and commitments

    • Permanent concern for the environment, health and children’s wellbeing, etc…


  • A confirmed international presence and a leading position in France

  • A confirmed customer service culture supported by the largest stock in Europe

  • An XXL range that adapts to 80 % of the market, for all environments, at all times

  • A new yearly collection, mostly made up of innovative products

  • A «Designed in Paris» trend and style that appeals to all countries

  • Quality and excellent value for money targeted to suit all budgets

How SOL'S make the difference

In addition to its innovations and to meet the latest demand, SOL’S has put a unique service at its customers’ disposal: A 5-star service with no less than 25 million items in stock at all times, which remains the largest in Europe to this day.

In order to provide its customers with the very best service, SOL’S boasts a platform with the very latest and most efficient technical equipment, and rational stock management thanks to clearly marked containers and quality packaging.
This strict organization and professionalism means that teams are able to prepare thousands of parcels 24 hours a day.

This is the fantastic adventure of a brand that offers impressive diversity, and in which all environments and products are present and boast unique communication possibilities.

Its difference also lies in its style, as SOL’S is the only Parisian brand devoted to this type of market.

Thanks to its mode of communication, its actions, its collections, its commitment and its sound and determined relationship, ever since it was created, SOL’S has been and remains a humane brand that is very close to people and resolutely different from any other. But above all, SOL’S is a concept in its own right, a team, a family spirit and a brand that’s close to its customers.

When you first enter the world of SOL’S , you discover the wealth of its actions and the fair, simple and humble spirit that has made it the essential, and more importantly, the easily accessible brand that it is today.

SOL’S ranks among the largest players on the global market and is acknowledged to be a reference in terms of quality and reliability.
Professionals involved in the personalization and branding process say that compared to other brands, the quality of materials used to produce SOL’S products facilitates the printing and embroidering process.

Its presence in the world

This success story is far from over… Thanks to this small revolution in the profession, in 2000 SOL’S became the leading French brand in the sector, also enjoying a leading position in many other countries.

Its position in terms of quality, price and service has been a guarantee of success right from the start. Since it was created in France, its partner customers have remained loyal to the brand. Thanks to their trust, SOL’S has retained its leading position on the market.

Customers are guaranteed that the products they are selling are always in stock at competitive prices, that they are well made according to standards in force, and respect employment codes, rules and regulations.

As early as 2000, distributors from all over the world chose to join forces with the brand and become its ambassadors at an international level.

From Moscow to Lisbon and from Tahiti to Abidjan, SOL’S products are available from stock thanks to its network of distributors.
Today, SOL’S products can be bought from stock in over 60 countries and 240 towns worldwide.

SOL’S products are sold exclusively via a specialized network and not directly to end customers.
This sales network has been built up through rigorous selection, and over time its members have become real partners. This means the best retailers and distributors are busy convincing the world’s top advertisers every day.

These end customers are convinced of the advantages of buying SOL’S products and firm believers in the brand’s exclusive culture. They are proud to add their logo to a product that respects fundamental and essential values in terms of guarantees.

Ces clients finaux restent convaincus des avantages de SOL’S et de la culture de cette marque «exclusive». Ils sont fiers d’apposer leur logo sur un support qui respecte les valeurs fondamentales et indispensables de garantie.


Numerous final customers, established as MAJOR ACTORS onthe markets of COSMETOLOGY, LUXURY, BEVERAGES, FOOD-PROCESSING INDUSTRY & many others, have put their TRUST in the SOL’S brand and request it for its QUALITY & CERTIFICATIONS

One brand for all professions and all events : "Anywear by SOL'S Designed in Paris"

In 2015, SOL’S confirmed its position as the best European multi-specialist and offers products for all professions, all types of events, all markets… an “ANYWEAR by SOL’S, Designed in Paris” offer. Being a multi-specialist means having the ambition to be the best in all segments for all professions.

The SOL’S collection has been designed to meet all market requirements, which is why our diverse range globally has the right product for all professions and all uses.

The wealth of this offer, in terms of advertising, collective sports and working clothes, makes purchasing easier and boosts a competitiveness acknowledged by all the actors of the market.

SOL’S is behind all types of great events and leading brands worldwide. Because it is proud of its on-going presence, SOL’S wishes to thank all the companies that have put their trust in the company ever since it was first created.

Its products

SOL’S has very often been considered a trail-blazer in terms of style, creativity, innovation and that «certain something» that makes its products stand out, all of which add true value to the brand.

Its collection suits all communication operations, all types of events, and more importantly, all budgets.

Collections devoted to men, women and children.

One of the brand’s strong points is its ability to produce «TWIN» products suiting men and women.

  • 15 complete «families» of textile clothing and 12 «families» of luggage items

  • A collection of caps, accessories and towelling products

  • A TEAMSPORT collection for collective sports

  • A PROWEAR collection for working clothes

  • 8 different environments are represented: Very Fashion – Corporate – Outdoor – Summer time – Essentials – Sport – Prowear – Organic

  • A large number of products available in «TWIN» versions for men and women

  • 121 colours that add diversity to the range

  • Several references available in large and even very large sizes (3XL – 10XL)

  • SOL’S designs a new collection every year

Thanks to its philosophy based on diversity, SOL’S designs models that enhance the communication power of all logos as well as those who wear them.

All models can be personalized. Materials are designed with this in mind and the areas devoted to personalization are designed to be as large as possible, with easy access being a priority.

Its quality controls

SOL’S is partner with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification. Thus, each new reference launch gives rise to a quality control process using chemical substances, and mechanical and technical testing in particular. This process also observes all quality inspection rules.

  • Tests involving chemical substances are determined according to regulations in force, materials used in the manufacturing process, and according to toxicological specifications.

  • Mechanical and technical tests are defined according to the articles in question and their purpose, and are carried out according to very specific standards. Such tests determine whether colours deteriorate in contact with water or when subject to solid or fluid friction, perspiration or pilling, and the resistance of zips and handles, etc...

  • Inspections are carried out at different stages of production: beginning, middle and end. These inspections are carried out according to Military standard 105-E (NFX 06-022; ISO 2853). Random controls are also carried out on products entering our warehouse.

Its commitment

SOL’S is the only brand to have chosen to put all its promises regarding its future actions in writing right from the very outset.

This commitment has been made in the name of all its employees and service providers. The «SOL’S Commitments Charter» has been signed by its CEO Alain Milgrom and can be downloaded from SOL’S website and the signing of the EPPA code of conduct.

By opting to take a stand with something as symbolically powerful as a charter, and choosing to face up to his responsibilities, he has made this guarantee available to all customers, whether there are retailers, distributors or end customers.

Be it in Bangladesh or in China, SOL’S imposes labour, behaviour and operating ethics in the form of a strict code of conduct on all industrial partners with which it works exclusively by way of guaranteeing the brand’s total reliability.

To help and more importantly to protect children, SOL’S is actively involved in their access to schooling and imposes strict observance of the laws with regard to their legal working age, which is 18 years of age.

Because preserving the environment has always been its priority, all waste water soiled by dyes used during its product dyeing process, is purified thanks to highly effective equipment.

And to ensure that all rules and regulations are observed, SOL’S makes sure its partners are controlled by organizations and NGOs of international repute.

Its certifications, labels & charter

Thanks to its culture, its will to change purchasing behaviour, its labour ethics and global commitment, SOL’S boasts the largest number of certifications in the sector.

For several years now, SOL’S has also been the only brand to have put its promises in writing through a charter. SOL’S Commitments Charter details the brand’s actions and certifications and can be downloaded from the website. It has been widely distributed among retailers and distributors throughout the 60 countries in which SOL’S is present.


In 2014, SOL’S secured the ISO 9001 : 2008 standard certification for its “Creation and Design in France of promotional products marketed in France and internationally” activity.

With this voluntary initiative, SOL’S becomes one of the first European enterprises of the industry to demonstrate its commitment towards quality, to benefit its customers, distributors, resellers and end consumers.

The ISO 9001 : 2008 standard sets out the requirements for quality management systems. Based on a thorough audit of the processes implemented by the enterprise, it certifies both its ability to regularly provide a product meeting the requirements of its clients and its commitment to a process of continuous improvement aiming to increase client satisfaction, whilst complying with all legal and regulatory frameworks.


For over 15 years, SOL’S has developed high ethical and social values and since the 1st of June 2014 it is continuing its efforts with the Fair Wear Foundation with a commitment to respect and to ensure in its factories the following standards:


  • Employment is freely chosen

  • No discrimination in employment

  • No exploitation of child labour

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

  • Payment of a living wage

  • Reasonable hours of work

  • Safe and healthy working conditions

  • A legally binding employment relationship

By affiliating with the Fair Wear Foundation, SOL'S also commits to make improvements that tend toward social norms (bring concrete improvements in labor standards in collaboration with plant managers), based on an action plan approved by the Fair Wear Foundation. Each year, SOL'S commits to provide a status report and noted improvements to the Fair Wear Foundation.
For futher information : 

• SOL’S OEKO-TEX® CERTIFICATION: non-toxic dyes and consumer safety

Right from the beginning, SOL’S has insisted that dyes that are toxic to the skin and environment should not be used in its factories.

SOL’S has obtained OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification under number CQ 1094/1 for its T-shirts, polo shirts, fleece jackets and sweaters, under number CQ 1094/2 for its towels and under number CQ 1094/3 for its T-shirts in cotton/elastane white and dyed.

• OBSERVANCE OF THE GENEVA CONVENTION: a normal and natural obligation as far as SOL’S is concerned

In its partner factories, SOL’S makes sure the Geneva Convention is strictly observed. In order to achieve this, frequent and regular audits are carried out every year. SOL’S has made sure that its partners, in Bangladesh in particular, strictly respect the minimum working age of 18, seeing as the Geneva Convention merely limits the legal age to 14 or 16, depending on the countries that have signed the Convention.
SOL’S has been granted PLATINUM level WRAP social compliance certification by one of its main suppliers.

• SOL’S AND THE REACH STANDARD: in collaboration with the French Textiles Institute

In total compliance with the standard, SOL’S & the French Textiles and Clothing Institute* are in close collaboration thanks to an agreement that aims to establish toxicological and regulatory specifications. (*IFTH: Institut Français du Textile et de l’Habillement)

These specifications take into account the rules and regulations in force, and European REACH regulations in particular.

As European importers, our obligations depend on the observance of restrictions imposed by REACH regulations regarding our articles and customer information regarding the possible presence of a substance of very high concern as soon as we receive updates, (SVHC on the candidate list for authorization) whenever concentrations exceeds 0.1%.

All REACH-related information is available on the ECHA (the European Chemical Agency) website:


SOL’S has taken a stand in favour of environmental friendliness by developing its own range of articles produced through organic farming:

SOL’S has also opted for an approach based on ORGANIC EXCHANGE 100 standard certification thanks to Control Union, an organization of global repute, in view of obtaining and guaranteeing this standard.

The Control Union Certifications programme guarantees the traceability and compliance of articles marketed and produced through organic farming, and that no GMOs have been used to produce those articles.

SOL’S certification has been granted under number CU815208 for the following articles: ORGANIC MEN – ORGANIC WOMEN – ORGANIC KIDS – ORGANIC REEF MEN - ORGANIC REEF WOMEN

Its humanitarian actions

THE NARI UDDUG KENDRA (NUK) NGO: improving the health of women and children

Also in Bangladesh, SOL’S is involved in a remarkable operation alongside the Nari Uddug Kendra NGO, to help finance the Agarasindhur Community Hospital.
The objective behind this project is to improve the health of women and children living in this rural community and supply the district’s population with a low-cost, good-quality medical service. SOL’S pays the wages of its medical staff as well as operational costs.
SOL’S intends to continue improving living conditions that have enabled considerable change. Today, mentalities are changing and its partners are becoming actively involved in good social practices within their company.

Its marketing & communication

In terms of communication, SOL’S has been seen as a good-quality, safe and diversified brand ever since it was created.
Resolutely modern with a strong focus on its very «PARISIAN» style, its attitude and unusual mode of communication remain unique and sometimes cause a stir within the profession.
SOL’S has its own catalogue, which is more of a magazine in which models are effectively presented and information is very clear.

The atmosphere conveyed by its visuals and the way its products are worn by smiling, open and simple models, reflects the brand’s true identity.

SOL’S remains one of the most, if not the most, active brand in terms of communication and marketing media.

The brand’s main line of communication is structured around several levels of media :

  • Paper catalogues

  • The Internet, with a trading website translated into several languages and constant updates.

  • Web advertising through e-mails

  • Smartphones and tablets via a multilingual application

  • The press

  • Editorials

SOL’S great diversity of products gives international retailers and distributors considerable means with which to present its products and stage its concept.

  • A 340-page catalogue printed in 14 languages that comes out every year on the 2nd of January

  • A catalogue of new products that comes out every year on the 1st of September

  • A catalogue of all available sales tools

  • Display for the Collection items

  • A Collection DVD

  • A very wide range of sales tools

SOL'S & the digital


  • Quicker ordering

  • A clear interface for better customer service

  • A website adapted to your purchasing habit

  • A new presentation of our products

  • A website optimized for tablets

site SOL'S Europe


To help people understand, pass on, train and subscribe to the brand’s global approach, SOL’S has created its own academy.

Such an initiative is exclusive and unique in the profession, and the fruit of extensive work on the part of SOL’S teams.

SOL’S Academy training is a way of understanding all the technical aspects of each product, as well as the brand’s full identity.

This training is intended for retailers, distributors, all marketing teams and end customers who wish to gain a better understanding of the brand’s products and concept.

Presented in the form of a very detailed software program, and available in 8 languages, it can be used on its own or by a training officer thanks to its step-by-step software program.

Logo SOL'S Academy


  • Real-time stock display

  • Simple and efficient application

  • Immediate response to product research

  • SOL'S catalogue with you at all times