As a commercial partner, it is our commitment to assure you at all times that SOL’S aims at highest standards in regards to social responsibility. Since the end of May, an unprecedented heatwave has struck Bangladesh, impacting amongst others it’s important Textile Industry with temperatures that have reached over 44° Celsius.

A major industrial actor in this region, SOL’S has always secured the highest attention to working conditions and employees health in its partners’ factories. This commitment is regularly checked and certified by world renowned organizations such as the Fair Wear Foundation and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. In regards to this heatwave SOL’S has once more ensured with its local partners that adequate and concrete measures were taken to reduce the impact of the situation on employees :

1. We have ensured all the exhaust fans activeness to supply adequate fresh air.

2. We have secured adequate and fresh drinking water for all the workers.

3. We are supplying Oral Saline to the workers who might need this additional support

4. We are conducting awareness program among all the workers regarding their activities to cope with the extra hot weather.

5. Doctor and nursing service are kept in maximum alert to give highest support to the sick workers.

SOL’S will remain informed on a permanent basis as long as the situation will last and will take additional measures should the evolution of the situation requires it.