SOL'S customisable clothing and accessories: why choose a customised corporate clothing item?

Opting for a customised clothing item for your company is an excellent way of injecting a new dynamic. In general terms, corporate T shirts have two main functions. An external marketing function: by choosing to standardise T shirts, such as through colour coding for example, you create an image of a close-knit group that shares the same values. The corporate clothing item thus becomes both a reflection of your bran d and a conquest marketing tool. At trade shows, for example, you and your team will be immediately recognisable due to the uniformity of your clothing. An internal communications function: it will enable you to create a positive dynamic within your team – wearing the same clothing item reduces hierarchical barriers. It makes for an excellent, friendly and informal internal communications tool.

How does SOL'S, a clothing supplier and accessories distributor, help and work with you in implementing your strategy?

SOL'S, a clothing and accessories distributor, works with groups of all kinds and sizes in choosing their corporate clothing.
Choose from a vast range of clothes items, such as T-shirts, polo shirts, formal shirts, jumpers, parkas and softshells . All items are customisable , as are all accessories, such as bags, bathrobes, ties, bandanas and lots more options besides. The filtering system is very comprehensive and will enable you to narrow your search down based on a wide range of criteria. With T-shirts, for example, you can choose by sex, colour , size and category (such as sport, beachwear, etc.).
Because every corporate culture is different, SOL'S offers a wide range of types, fits and styles.