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bodywarmer vetement pratique pour professionnel


The bodywarmer is the practical garment par excellence!

Much more than a sleeveless jacket, the bodywarmer is a major ally in many circumstances. Long associated with professional use, it gradually entered everyone's private life, particularly in the form of a down jacket or high visibility vest.

Indeed, what characterises all bodywarmers is the fact that they have no sleeves. As for the rest, there are all sorts of bodywarmers, for all types of uses, situations and styles..
The first major category of bodywarmers is dedicated and suited to professional use . It includes technical garments, with suitable accessories (pockets, zip pullers, reinforcements) and materials that also meet a specific use: wear resistance, warmth, waterproofing, etc.

It is in this large category that we find the famous SOL'S WILD SOL'S WILDthe typical reporter vest with many pockets of all sizes to store all the necessary tools to win a Pulitzer Prize... It is also in this category that we find the simple sleeveless jacket to equip reception and information staff, such as railway agents on busy days, or supermarket staff. Of course, the main interest of the vest in question lies in the customisation possibilities it offers, since it features a large area and a material (TWILL) suitable for all decoration techniques.
For people who work outdoors, SOL'S offers bodywarmers of different compositions to protect employees in all seasons: fleece, softshell, padded, paddedwaterproof, down... there is something for every situation.
The second major category of bodywarmers includes models we can find in many wardrobes because they are both trendy and useful, such as sleeveless down jackets. Practical to wear under a jacket or a raincoat, they allow to spend the intermediate season with total peace of mind. They can be filled with down or polyester and exist in very trendy colours .

Customising a bodywarmer is very easy whatever the technique used. It is usually decorated on the back and on the heart, never on the sleeves and for good reason!

In conclusion, we can say that the bodywarmer is an unexpected ally in many circumstances. In addition to being useful, it can also be a fashion accessory, and we cannot say that often enough!


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