European leader in customisable textiles for the BtoB market since 1991

Our profession.

SOL'S is a corporate identity textiles company. This means that we design, create and sell customisable clothing which then becomes an effective, high-quality way for brands and individuals to communicate effectively and get their message across.

The brand’s DNA.

It all began with one man: Alain Milgrom. Enthusiastic about fashion and marketing, he launched SOL'S in 1991 with the aim of providing brands with the means to express, explore and reinvent their USP.
He caused quite a stir within the promotional clothing industry which had until then been slow to follow the latest trends, before quickly going on to lead the field.

Almost 30 years later, SOL'S has expanded enormously but its ambition remains unchanged: to draw upon all our expertise and passion to better serve businesses by offering high quality products that are decidedly modern and stylish.

Key dates


  • 1991: SOL'S is founded
  • 1995: SOL'S is the first brand within its sector to offer products for women
  • 1998: creation of the REGENT range of SOL'S
  • 2003: creation of the Imperial range of SOL'S
  • 2008 : launch of the bags collection
  • 2010: the brand is now distributed in 40 countries
  • 2010: Spanish subsidiary opens
  • 2014: Italian subsidiary opens

SOL'S and the SOLO Group.

SOL'S is the SOLO Group's iconic flagship brand. In 2020, as it approaches its 30th anniversary, SOL'S welcomes new brands into the group: RTP Apparel, Atelier Textile Français, Joy Thaï and NEOBLU. The family is expanding in order to provide a clear, targeted response to a rapidly changing market.

2020: SOL'S in figures


  • 180 employees worldwide
  • Present in 60 countries
  • Around 60 million pieces in stock
  • 70 million pieces sold each year
  • 4000 parcels prepared and dispatched every day


One team, one network.

The SOLO Group currently has over 200 employees in France, Spain, Italy and Asia. A team of enthusiastic and demanding experts with a wide range of profiles and experience. They represent the diversity of each of the group's brands.
But SOL'S is also a network of partners across 60 countries whose aim is to make the brand accessible to all, with short turnaround times.

Values that drive us every day.


Our strength lies in the way we constantly reinvent ourselves! Continuing to amaze you every day with our boldness, creativity and innovations so that you are always one step ahead.


For almost 30 years, our Paris-based family business has been committed to maintaining the loyalty that connects us to our customers and partners. Our independence means we can cultivate our entrepreneurial freedom to improve our level of service to you.


As well as being very close to our partners, we are also very open-minded to the world and cultures around us. Openness is also about an awareness and belief in working in a fair and responsible way, giving purpose to what we do.


We draw upon all our expertise and adaptability to ensure your performance reaches its full potential. We are always on hand to meet your needs, however urgent.

The Fair Spirit: more than just a commitment; an attitude.

The Fair Spirit is a commitment undertaken by all SOL'S employees to adhere to a strict corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, ensuring that we offer our customers reliable products as well as all the guarantees to which they are entitled.
The Fair Spirit is about fostering fair and responsible relationships with all our contacts, factories, employees, service providers and partners.
The Fair Spirit also involves supporting women's rights, education and medical research.

A collection created to enable each and every team, group and community to express its own unique personality.

With a passion for fashion, SOL'S teams take their everyday inspiration from ready-to-wear trends when creating the various collections, whilst always bearing in mind that these products are designed to put across a clear message. That's why our choices of materials, cuts and finishes tick all the right boxes in terms of comfort and style, as well as in product transformation.
Determined to make a reliable means of communicating a message available to all, SOL'S is constantly striving to improve its innovation and quality.

T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, shirts, fleeces, softshells, windcheaters, parkas, padded jackets, trousers, Bermuda shorts, caps, bags, luggage, towelling and more. In total, over 450 items are designed especially for customisation, whatever the branding technique used. There's a means of expression to suit everyone.

Renowned quality of service.

As each request deserves a fast, reliable and high-quality response, SOL'S provides its resellers with a range of useful and inventive services. Almost 60 million pieces in stock in Le Havre, digital tools, marketing tools and advertising materials provided as well as a responsive, receptive customer services department.
As part of the SOLO Group, SOL'S boasts an efficient logistics system ensuring deliveries are made to its customers within the required timescale, whatever quantities are ordered (picking, bags, boxes, palettes: there are no limits).

Our customers.

Our products are exclusively distributed by our network of resellers and distributors. They work with all sectors such as advertising, hotels and catering, education, charities, institutions and sport. Our offer is designed to meet the needs of customers wishing to customise clothing to express their USP.

Our commitments.

The Fair Spirit is also a recognition that we have to respond to our market needs whilst improving workplace conditions and reducing our impact on the planet.

With this in mind, SOL'S is committed to concentrating on four key areas: the quality of our products, reducing our environmental impact, improving working conditions and improving living conditions (education, women's rights, medical research).

Why quality? Because our products are high quality, easy care, stylish and comfortable, they will be worn over and over again. This reduces overconsumption which is harmful to all of us.

How can we reduce our environmental impact whilst improving working conditions? By introducing drastic new rules for ourselves and our suppliers in terms of sourcing raw materials, manufacturing our products, logistics and transport. It can also be achieved by implementing regular independent checking within our production sites. Finally, by obtaining certifications that prove our long-term commitment (OEKO TEX, FAIR WEAR, ISO, REACH, ORGANIC 100, etc.).

What do we mean by 'helping improve working conditions'? SOL'S success is only genuine if it is shared by all. This is why we are helping to finance a hospital, a women's refuge village and access to education in Bangladesh, and we are also helping to finance medical research into heart disease and cancer.

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