European leader in customisable textiles for the BtoB market since 1991


SOL'S for whom? SOL'S caters for all needs and all markets! Communication & promotional: street marketing campaigns, promotional operations, team-building activities, company seminars, etc. Event & entertainment: Merchandising for festivals, music groups, theatres, dance/theatre companies, etc. Sports & leisure: Professional sports clubs, leisure clubs/halls/associations/schools, marathons, sports team-building, etc. PPE & workwear: Professions requiring clothing combining protection, practicality and comfort indoors or outdoors. Retail & e-tailers Clothing brands, designers, platforms, e-commerce, POD, etc. Souvenir & tourism: Souvenir shops, tourist offices, museums, holiday camps, theme parks, etc.


sols space

Customised clothing is great for publicity and promotions provided it is well-fitting, good quality and suited to the needs of the people wearing it. T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts and more: the SOLO Group fully meets all market needs.


sols gordon twin

Providing the right clothing for service and reception staff in the hotel and catering industries is essential to ensure that brands stand out from the competition and are recognisable to their customers. Shirts, jackets, aprons and trousers can be personalised to create corporate team uniforms.


sols turbo

Workwear trousers, polo shirts and jackets as well as T-shirts and sweatshirts can be personalised for staff working on sites or for independent businesses. Corporate equipment and technical or protective clothing to guarantee employees are comfortable.


sols funky

Echoing American college traditions, students all over the world proudly show off their allegiance to their college or university. Their favourite outfits include T-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps and jackets. Our ranges offer a wide selection of styles and colours.


For major sporting events where participants and supporters like to show their support by wearing their team's colours, or for sports clubs or groups looking for matching kits. But also for employees taking part in a race or a sporty teambuilding event.


sols sublima

For organisers of events, shows and concerts looking for textile for all their branded products. T-shirts printed with a singer's image, souvenir tote bags for a show or baseball caps for staff.


sols prescott

For gift shops in tourist offices, museums, theme parks or castles, personalised clothing is essential: branded or embroidered T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, tote bags or towels are the favourite souvenirs amongst visitors and tourists.


sols authentic

Ready-to-wear brands, designers or e-commerce platforms: express your creativity by customising garments to suit your needs through flocking, silkscreen printing, printing or embroidering.

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