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Customised T-shirts: create your own with the image of your favourite rock star!


Direct-to-garment digital printing offers many possibilities in terms of clothing customisation with a multitude of visuals that can be applied, be it a logo, a photo or a text. For all music fans, creating a customised T-shirt celebrating a rock star is a great way to show their attachment to their favourite artist and to express their sense of belonging to a community of fans. For music bands, it is an essential promotional tool and a lucrative spin-off product.



How to customise a T-shirt with the image of your favourite rock star?

You have certainly seen people in the street wearing T-shirts with the image of Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix or other legendary singers or musicians. These garments have become classics! So why not customise your own T-shirt with the image of the artist, known or unknown, that you admire so much, in order to stand out from the crowd and be original? You can also reproduce the logo of the artist’s band, the title or the chorus of one of his/her emblematic songs, the cover of one of his/her albums or an autographed photo, etc. Creating your customised T-shirt in the image of your favourite rock star could not be easier. All you need is a good resolution file in jpeg, png, tiff, pdf or psd format and that's it! Through direct-to-garment digital printing, the ink is injected directly into the fabric fibre, guaranteeing a lasting customisation. Whether on a light or dark T-shirt, the result is spectacular in terms of brightness, colour brilliance and detail sharpness. It is also possible to use other decoration techniques, such as screen printing, CAD cut vinyl printing, embroidery, dye sublimation or transfer printing. For professionals, whether you run a retail business, a theme shop or a web store, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this business opportunity, as customers are increasingly interested in printed T-shirts.


What type of T-shirt should you choose?

There are many different types of T-shirt that allow you to create your own in the image of your favourite rock star: basic, classic or premium; short- or long-sleeved; V-neck or round-neck; straight, fitted or loose; men's, women’s, unisex or kids’ models, etc. Particularly appreciated by consumers for its simplicity, versatility and timelessness, it lends itself easily to customisation thanks to its large printing area and to the many possibilities of customisation and visuals you can place on it. To ensure comfort, durability and resistance to washing, it is essential to choose a quality T-shirt with flawless finish and cut. You must pay particular attention to the material used, the stability and thickness of the garment, the colour rendering, the overlocking, the stitching, the collar fit and the presence of a neck tape, so that your favourite T-shirt keeps its aspect and unique look.


Why trust Sol's Europe for your customisable T-shirt?

SOL'S Europe, the European leader in customisable textiles with a large network of partners to make the brand accessible to all in the shortest possible time, offers you a wide range of customisable T-shirts, varied in terms of sizes, cuts and colours. Different materials are available to create your customised T-shirt in the image of your favourite rock star or band: cotton, polyester, with or without elastane and even organic cotton! Depending on the use of the garment, some models offer additional features. All our products are of high quality, easy to care, attractive and comfortable. With a passion for fashion, SOL'S Europe's expert teams are daily inspired by ready-to-wear trends when creating the various collections, while always bearing in mind that these products are designed to enhance the messages that will be put on them and to allow everyone to find their ideal medium of expression


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